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Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
like ocean city are experiencing rain and kicked up surf. more on the conditions in a bit. first we will check with the weather. >> we're watching that storm. it is producing massive weather here. not quite as bad as up the coast and but some rain, chilly rain, mixed at times with sleet and what snow. especially north of baltimore. the real impact is being felt farther north. it is an area that relate does not want to deal with this right now. moderate to heavy snow. winds gusting to 43 mph att laguardia in the past hour. some of our brain may mix with snow overnight as the storm goes away. another very nasty nor'easter. more on how to ocean city is dealing with the storm. >> it appears to ocean city has dodged yet another bullet shot at it by mother nature. all we are dealing with right now as you can see here on the boardwalk is light rain. as far as winds are concerned, we saw sustained winds throughout the day anywhere from 15-25 m.p.h. with us here and there at about 30-35 mph. one similarity -- waves from 6- 10 feet, was on par with what we saw during santee. the same low lyin
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
tonight, the state's attorney's office is investigating a baltimore city police officer. >> he officer is accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year- old female. we are joined live from city police headquarters for more details. >> officer elliott simon has been suspended without pay. it was reported to them over the weekend. >> i have to talk about a serious issue over allegations about an employee for the baltimore police department. >> the police commissioner described elliott simon as a 13 year veteran assigned to the northwest police district. police are not releasing his picture pending charges but they say they've received a complaint against him over the weekend, alleging he sexually assaulted an 18-year-old female. >> this agency is committed to upholding people accountable for misconduct. i have no tolerance for misconduct or offices that violate the public trust. >> the commissioner would not take any questions about the case. police are not releasing many details about the allegations. accept that simon was on duty at the time of the alleged assault and hit been susp
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
the area and shutting down roads in one of the biggest parts of the city. this is his surveillance video showing just seconds after the water started gushing down charles street. he was finally able to reopen friday after having to close down for two days. >> i still have no where near the business i normally get. for me, customers, safety comes first. >> while crews are hoping to start working on repairing the main by monday, bpw is concentrating on the long-term plan to improve infrastructure. the ruptured water main was 90 years old, manufactured in 1913 and installed in the early- 1920's. >> we need to increase the amount of water mains that we replaced. >> right now, the city replaces fewer than 5 miles of water main per year. next year, the one to increase to 20 miles per year an increase in five-mile increments every year after that. the goal is to replace 40 miles per year by 2017. >> that is $300 million right there. >> $300 million that will continue to be partly funded by increases on customers' water bills. our aging infrastructure will continue to crack without it. >> it is
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
is urged to call the baltimore homicide unit. reporting live at baltimore city police headquarters. >>> new at this hour police are investigating a shooting at east 28th street. investigators say an adult male suffered gunshot wounds. there is no word on a motive or a suspect or the extent of his injuries. >>> police are looking for suspect in an armed robbery and shooting at wal-mart. it was in laurel at 6: 15 this morning. according to police he demanded money and forced the employee in the parking lot where she shot him in the chest. they found a vehicle engulfed in flames. the victim is expected to recover. >>> an unsavory discovery at a property in rayser town. a man was working on hedgepocket way when he found what looked like a hand. the call came in just after 11:00 this morning and they can't confirm whether it is a human hand. >>> a man is in custody tonight but police are asking for more information. >> 19-year-old jordan insider of parkville is being held without bail at the baltimore county detention center. they arrested him first for a robbery then connected him to two separa
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
into winter. bge and baltimore city officials hosted and energy assistance expo earlier today. reps from bge and the office of home energy program helped citizens apply for financial assistance and other resources to help manage their energy and utility bills. >> what most google do not know about -- mostpeople do not know about is that they can get assistance. do not wait until your utility as cut off. you can sit down with the utility company and say i am having a problem. >> officials say fewer people showed up this year which they say is good since it means more people are learning how to manage their income better and do not need assistance. tomorrow is veterans day. the va maryland health care system team up with the local organization to hold a memorial service today. the third annual memorial service was held this afternoon after -- at american legion post 22 in towson. the advent honored all veterans who passed away in the maryland health care system this past year. >> this ceremony would remember those veterans that have passed away. trying to remember those of given their time, th
Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
>> we begin tonight with the developing story of north baltimore. >> city fire officials say several people have been hospitalized after an apparent carbon monoxide leak inside a home. happen shortly before 8:00 tonight. our officials say people inside the home complained of headaches. paramedics began evaluating for adults and four children. we are told they were all taken to shock trauma and their conditions are not life- threatening. they did find elevated levels of carbon monoxide inside the home but there is no word on the source. >> baltimore police are looking for a suspect who took a car with a 7-year-old inside. >> kai reed is live at police headquarters with the very latest. >> the good news in all of this is that the child has been found. he is a good home with his family tonight. investigators are still looking for the person who took off with him. >> we were just waking up and we heard spinning wheels and thought that was kind of odd. >> stacey lives next door to the child care center in northeast baltimore. she was home around 7:30 in the morning when police say
Nov 11, 2012 11:30pm EST
of these injuries, both teams playing very well right now and pittsburgh should win against kansas city tomorrow night and here we go next week in pittsburgh. >> terrell suggs is back to torment ben roethlisberger one more time. so many great moments. of the games we've had the great opportunity to do the last few years that rivalry seems to mean more to those two teams than any other. there is a bitterness to that game that you really don't always feel in all of the others. >> al: that is the action a week from tonight. we will see you from heinz field in pittsburgh for "sunday night football." coming up next, except on the west coast, your local news, followed by "dateline." this is al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. our crew say good night from chicago where the texans win it 13-6. . >> tonight on 112 news, the ravens pull out a win. but family members spent the day helping those in need. shock waves through washington after the sudden resignation of c.i.a. director, david petraeus. plus -- >> i'm sarah, live with details on a fight that broke out at a dundalk flea market.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7